beatriz in amsterdam

About me

Hey there, I’m Beatriz!

Welcome to my blog, the safe space where I share a bit (well, a lot) of my life with you. Keen to learn a bit more about me?

In 2019 I moved to Amsterdam, from sunny Lisbon, after landing a job in the city of the canals and funky herbal smell, if you know what I mean.

Psst: wanna learn more about my move? Click here! 

A year and many adventures later, I decided to start writing about my endeavours in Amsterdam, my traveling adventures and more personal stories I believe are worth sharing.

I mean, I went from living in my parents’ house, to suddenly living in another country and having responsibilities – my thoughts and ideas kept piling up on my mind and random notebooks.

Honestly, writing a whole text complimenting myself and finding the odd fun fact so just you can get an idea of me can be boring. But what I can do is give you a list of 10 things that I absolutely love, which will hopefully tell you a lot more about me than a boring piece of auto-biography:

Being with and spending time with my family & friends (and it hurts to not be around them every day).

Everything about the sea: the breeze, the smell, the freezing cold water, the lack of gravity, the salt on my hair.


Food, especially bread, pasta and cheese.


Traveling, meeting random people and getting lost in new places.

Buying fresh flowers and putting them in a beautiful jar, then staring at them from time to time.

Sleeping in (yes, I’m a night owl).

Fashion – I buy way too many clothes.

Moving my body, exercising, going on walks (it makes me feel alive).

The warm sun on my skin.


Besides all of this, I also really enjoy writing. In fact, when I was a teenager, I would write never-ending stories (they’re terrible, please never ask me to read them).

In my twenties, I started writing about my traveling adventures, and that used to be the core of my previous blog – but I’m so much more than that, and there’s so much I would like to write about, that I decided to create this safe space where I can share everything. So, what will you be reading here?

Stories about my expat life in Amsterdam, and everything that moving abroad encompasses.


Stories about my hometown in Lisbon.

Stories about my trips and travel adventures.


Travel guides for the places I visited.

My tips on what to do in each place I’ve visited.

Restaurant recommendations and reviews, and maybe a recipe every once in a while  (I told you I loved food).

Random posts that I might feel like writing, because not everything has to be planned, right?

And the best part about following this blog is that you’ll have an insiders’ look into Amsterdam and Lisbon – I promise you that I won’t hold any secrets!