Hong Kong rooftop

In September 2018, me and my friend Alicia decided we wanted to travel… somewhere. Somewhere outside Europe, for sure. So we decided to explore Google Flights map for the dates we wanted to travel, and find the cheapest options. Hong Kong came on the map as a destination we hadn’t previously thought about traveling to and with a really good price! So we didn’t think much and decided to book it.

We didn’t have many expectations about Hong Kong – I had seen some photos of bloggers traveling there, and then I started reading about Hong Kong and getting more and more excited. When the day came, we flew to London where we had to wait 6 hours for the next flight – needless to say, we had a duty free shopping spree in Heathrow! Then, of we went to Hong Kong.

When we arrived there the sun had already set. We got some cash and bought a sim card in the airport (about 12€ for 7 days) and caught an Uber to our hotel, Holiday Inn Express Mongkok. I had booked the hotel with my old debit card, which I canceled, never remembering again that I needed it for the hotel booking! The front desk wouldn’t let us check-in without the card… so I had to pay 600€ again (the booking amount) and they said they would refund me on my old card. I was worried about that because the card was canceled, but my mom spoke with the bank and they said it would go straight to my current account (moms always save us, don’t they?).

After this stressful event, we went out to grab some food, and then headed to the most famous place for nightlife, Lan Kwai Fong. Now, we definitely didn’t expect Hong Kong’s nightlife to be so intense! The streets were packed with people, both local and westerns, drinking and dancing everywhere. We went to a bar and one of the guys who worked at the bar started offering us drinks – until he started getting creepy and we left. He literally said that he was trying to get us drunk “because that’s what men do”! Yuck.

After that, we met loads of westerns who were living in Hong Kong, as they were invited from their companies in Europe, South Africa and Australia to go and work there. It was really interesting to know more about expats living there, and we got to the conclusion that companies in Hong Kong pay really well to these expats (and they were about our age… 20 something people!).

On the next day we went to a really beautiful chinese garden, Nan Lian, and then headed to a very famous basketball court – Choi Hung Estate. It’s famous because of its aesthetics – big, pastel-colored buildings and huge basketball fields. A lot of local kids and teens were there playing basketball and we engaged with them – they spoke perfect English! They asked us a lot of questions about Portugal too. 

After playing some basketball, we went back to the hotel and changed clothes to go to a really beautiful rooftop bar – Wooloomooloo in Wan Chai. I drank an amazing Singapore Sling and enjoyed the mesmerizing skyline!

On the third day things got pretty intense. We went to Sai Kun village with the intension of visiting the paradisiac beaches and the famous waterfall. The beach part was really good, as it was empty and we drank some coconut water. However, when we were on our way to the waterfall, we were stopped by a bull! Yes, a black bull with HUGE horns! 

We went back and asked some guys for help – they said we could reach the waterfall by taking another path, we thanked them but then they said “but be careful!” and started laughing. We thought that was weird, but kept going. We were following the river path, when suddenly a dog started barking and running towards us! He was stuck inside a farm with high fences, but then we saw the dog running to the other side and existing through a hole in the fence! We got so scared we jumped to the other side of the river, climbing a hill, and then saw the dog going away. We immediately started running towards the beach again! It was a really scary experience.

As if this wasn’t enough emotion, on the next day, after a relaxing morning at the beach, I though my debit card had been skimmed! When I checked my bank account, I had a negative account balance. I got so, so sad, but fortunately my mom went to the bank and, after speaking with them, we got to the conclusion that it was a problem with the master card network. Thankfully! After all that stress, we went to Victoria’s Peak, the highest point in Hong Kong with an amazing view to the city. It was absolutely beautiful!

These were the biggest adventures in Hong Kong – we actually did a lot of stuff and activities! That’s why I wrote a Hong Kong travel guide that you can find here.