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Budapest is full of nice restaurants and bars to visit. You can find a bit of everything: fancy places, street food, rooftop and ruin bars.

I was there for only three days, but thankfully my friend João lived in Budapest for 6 months. He’s the most Budapest-passionate person I know and he gave me so much great advice when I went there!

Because of this, I decided to ask him for restaurant/bar suggestions in Budapest, so that you, my readers, are able to enjoy these amazing places. So, take note! We’re about to dive in the Budapest Foodie Guide.

PS: If you’re traveling to Budapest but don’t know what to do/visit, check out my Budapest 3-Day Itinerary.

Bors Gastro Bar

According to João, Bors Gastro Bar has the best baguette sandwiches and street food / take away soups in Budapest! With a soup menu that changes every day and new sandwiches every week, the hardest decision you’ll have to face is what to choose.

“Marked by its unique style, decoration and music, Bors is the place where Budapest’s fast life and street culture can be felt.” Personally, I really understand why João says this. Budapest really has a very special street culture.

“At the door we are warned that “Street food \ = Fast Food”, a concept that fits perfectly, since it usually has a line of about 15 minutes at lunchtime. You can see all kinds of people – teenagers, tourists and businessman/women between work shifts.”

Visit Bors Gastro Bar if you’d like to have typical street food with an excellent quality and low price!

360 Bar

“The fancy rooftop where we have the feeling that we’re going to be stopped at the elevator door by another giant Slavic security guard.”

But don’t be put off by the intimidating security guards! The truth is that, except for rare cases of dress code – imposed mainly as a prevention to the countless bachelor parties that take place in the city – everyone gets to enter 360 Bar. João never faced any issues!

“Off the elevator on the 11th floor we have a live DJ playing music, a central cocktail bar and a remarkable 360 view of Budapest. The space is fancy and the employees are ready to help both finding a table and answering questions regarding cocktails.”

I also visited 360 Bar and I have to agree with João – the bar really provides an unforgettable view of the city. Especially in the evening, you’ll be able to see all fo the city lights, including the Bridge, the Castle and Parliament.

*Prices are on average 10/15 euros per cocktail.

Vegan Garden (Vexicana / Las Vegans)

“For vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians or just people with curious tastebuds, Vegan Garden is the first space for vegan street food stalls in Europe.”

With more than 10 vegan stalls with all kinds of food, João can only say the highlight goes to Vexicana’s Mexican vegan (chilli non carne is delicious!), as well as all the burgers from Las Vegans.

Karaván Street Food

Credit: Karaván Google My Business Page


“For those who want meat options, Karaván is the equivalent space with street food stalls of all kinds, from fruit shakes or the typical Hungarian Langosh, to another Las Vegans stall or even a bar with more than 20 varieties of beers.”

I also had the chance of visiting The Karaván and I can only recommend it, since it is an experience itself. The food is really cheap, and so good. You’ll find options for every taste!

I ended up having falafel (I was kinda obsessed with falafel at the time) and it was just… delicious. My mouth is watering from just thinking about it.

Szimpla Kert

szimpla kert budapest

“The history of Budapest is written in the ruin pubs, where in the early 2000s illegal bars and artistic spaces began to open in ruined buildings, abandoned after the 2nd world war.

Among the famous Instant / Fogashaz, Dobos and Corvin Teto, we have the mecca of the ruin pubs – the iconic Szimpla Kert.”

João says Szimpla Kert is great not only to go out at night, but also during the day. It has two floors open almost 24/7, ready to serve any type of drink or snack in any of their 5 bars.

It also hosts local exhibitions and markets during the day. At night it becomes one of the busiest spaces in the city, with a dancefloor and a shisha menu.

I also visited Szimpla Kert and was really impressed. It’s the most peculiar and weird bar I’ve ever visited, with old computers as decoration, bathtubs, funky rugs, plants… Believe me, you’ll have to see it with your own eyes.

Prices are slightly above average, with a pint of beer at around 3 euros.

Cirkusz Café

“Probably the best place in Budapest for a weekend brunch – or any other day, really.”

According to João, Circusz Café prides itself on being the café with the best Hungarian baristas, recognized at world championships of Latte Art and own coffee production.

You can choose any typical breakfast from different countries around the world. Service is great and really fast and believe João – the dishes are insta-photo worthy. You can also find cocktails in the menu.

In the morning it is usually full, starting to empty around 13h / 14h.
Prices are relatively low for the service in question, with a meal costing around 13 euros per person.

New York Café

João gave us so many good suggestions that now it’s time to make my own recommendation!

This is by far my favorite restaurant in Budapest, simply because it’s stunning. And I don’t mean just the restaurant, but also the service, the food, the ambience and the whole experience.

New York Café has frescos painted on the ceiling, golden details on every corner, a live band playing classical music and the nicest waiters you’ll ever meet.

The food itself is also really good – I had the best goulash here. I didn’t try their deserts, but I also heard that they’re great, so give it a try!

Regarding the price, you can expect to pay around 30-50€ per person, depending if you have wine or any alcoholic beverages.


And this is it! I hope you enjoyed this Budapest Foodie Guide, with tips from my expert friend João. A special thanks to him for taking the time to write these recommendations! You can visit his Instagram page and follow him here.

If you haven’t checked my Budapest 3-Day Itinerary yet, make sure to do so to find out what you should do and visit in this beautiful city!

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