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I was born in Cascais and lived there for 25 years. My opinion may be biased, but you can ask anyone else who’s been to Cascais and they’ll tell you that it’s absolutely worth visiting. I’m talking about cute streets, great food, beach, sun and lots of things to do. You can never get bored in Cascais!

If you’re staying in Lisbon, make sure you take one day to visit this village. And the best is that you don’t have to stress about what’s worth visiting: I got you covered for your Cascais day trip, with insider tips on what you can’t miss!

How to get there

sunset carcavelos beach
Sunset in Carcavelos Beach

If you’re staying in Lisbon, it’s very easy to get to Cascais. Just catch the train at Cais do Sodré and leave at the last station, that’s called… Cascais. The train ride takes 40 minutes and the ticket is 5€, return.

The best way to get around Cascais is to rent a bike or a scooter. You can check out Wonder Bike for this!

Cascais one day itinerary


Go for a morning surf or SUP lesson

Cascais is well-known for its small and picturesque beaches. The fact that they’re small also means that they’re usually safe to surf or to do SUP. A lot of locals enjoy surfing in Carcavelos, but if surfing is not for you, why don’t you try a SUP lesson in Cascais bay? The fun is guaranteed, and you’ll get a fantastic start of the day, with a different perspective of the bay while you’re surfing or paddling.

Here are my recommendations:

  • Carcavelos surf school (if you decide to surf, make sure you exit in the “Carcavelos” train station)
  • Beyond Boards SUP (this one is located in Praia da Conceição, 3 minutes walking from Cascais train station)


Have breakfast at Pastelaria Garret
My favorite breakfast at Garret!

After a strenuous surf or SUP lesson, it’s time to have breakfast!

This one is my favorite café from all time! Everything that they serve in Pastelaria Garret is simply amazing. You’ll get crazy when you see the crazy amount of different and mouth-watering pastries that they sell. Personally, I recommend having a “galão” (latte) with a French croissant and a mini mille-fuille or éclaire.

Pastelaria Garret is located in Estoril, which is just 2km away from the center of Cascais. It’s also really worth visting – it’s a very posh area, also next to the beach, and with beautiful gardens by the casino.


Go for a walk in “Paredão” until Cascais
cascais beach
I sometimes enjoy stopping for a swim or to chill at the beach!

After you leave Pastelaria Garret, it’s time to go back to Cascais. You can stroll through Estoril gardens a bit, and then head to “paredão” the big walkway by the beach. You’ll see lots of locals exercising, walking their dogs or just heading to the beach. The walk is really pleasant and if you’d like, you can stop at one the many beaches and go for a swim.


Stroll through the cute streets in Cascais

After you arrive in Cascais, it’s time to get to know the center of the village. Stroll through the centenarian typical streets, shop from local vendors (you can find really good wine and olive oil in “Rua Direita”) and stop by the bay to soak some sun.


Have lunch at Hífen, my favorite restaurant in Cascais
hífen restaurant cascais
One of Hífen’s petiscos

Food at Hífen is incredibly good! And the best is that you can choose between trying their “petiscos” (Portuguese tapas) or have a full salad or sandwich all to yourself. I’ve tried both and you should definitely order petiscos – they’re very well made. You won’t regret it!


Visit Parque Marechal Carmona and/or Casa das Histórias museum

After a good lunch, I suggest you to either visit Parque Marechal Carmona (a very famous park in Cascais – great if you’re traveling with kids) or Casa das Histórias.

Casa das Histórias is na art museum with paintings from a Portuguese beloved artist, Paula Rego. The building’s architecture is also very interesting. It’s a must-see if you’re an art lover!


Admire the picturesque Santa Marta Lighthouse

Yes, this is the lighthouse you see on every Cascais photo! You can get to the lighthouse really easily if you’re coming from the museum or the park. It’s definitely worth it to stop there, eve if it’s just for a photo.


Head do Casa da Guia
Eating a fantastic cup of açaí at Casa da Guia

Now, it’s time to get on your bike/scooter and head to Casa da Guia. This is my favorite place in Cascais to have a drink with an amazing view! You can choose one of the many cafés/bars and have a drink while overlooking the blue sea and Cascais coast.

If you’re already feeling hungry, make sure you eat an açaí cup with fruit and granola. Delicious!


Watch the sunset at Boca do Inferno

This place is called “hell’s mouth” for a reason: the waves are really dangerous, and the cliffs are high. Still, it has a viewpoint and it’s beautiful. I guarantee that this is the best and most romantic spot to watch a sunset in Cascais!


Well, I pretty much covered everything that you can’t miss on your Cascais day trip. I’m sure you’ll have a great time visiting my lovely village and will take unforgettable memories with you!

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