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I travelled to Douro for the first time last Summer, and it exceeded my expectations in so many ways!

Douro is one of the most well known wine regions in Europe, and a must-visit if you’re a wine lover. If you’re staying in Porto, it’s also worthwhile to take a day trip to Douro, since it’s so close. However, I would recommend staying at least 3 days in the region, to give you plenty of time to do all of these fun activities!

Have a picnic at one of the many farms

picnic at quinta da aveleda, douro region

Most farms in Douro (and its surroundings) organize picnics, where you can have a bottle of their wine and local deliciasses.

We chose Quinta da Aveleda because (1) we love their wines, (2) their gardens are beautiful and (3) they offer a free garden tour.

The picnic was really good and for a very fair price (35€ for two people). We had a bottle of wine and juice, coffee, local cheeses and cold meats and other appetizers.


Explore the vineyards on a quad bike

exploring douro vineyards on a quad bike

We rented a quad bike and went up and down the Douro mountains, stopping whenever we felt like to, at stunning view points. It’s incredible to be able to stop anywhere and explore this beautiful region!

Of course you can also rent a regular bike, and the best is that you can actually go downhill on the vines themselves. We just rented the quad because we were short on time – but next time I will definitely want to do the bike tour!


Visit a wine production farm

quinta do bonfim in douro

There are dozens of farms you can visit, and they offer a great opportunity of learning the whole wine production process.

I guarantee that you’ll learn incredible things about how wine is produced and fun facts about the vines themelves. You’ll also get to see the huge wine production machines and the grapes being completely crushed into, well, wine-to-be.

We chose Quinta do Bonfim, one of the largest port wine producers. The tour was great and the views are stunning, right next to the beautiful Douro river.


Go wine tasting

wine tasting tour in douro

If you drink wine, you can’t miss this experience in Douro! You’ll be able to learn how to identify the delicate smells and flavors in different wines and, of course, try amazing Douro wines.

The wines in this region are very exclusive, since the production is quite low (there’s just not enough land). So, if you’re there, make the most out of your trip and go wine tasting at as many farms as you’d like.

There’s also a bunch of wine tasting tours with chocolate or cheese pairing ‑ unfortunately I didn’t have time to try these, but they must be great! 


Go on a sunset Douro river cruise

sunset cruise in douro

This is probably the most romantic activity of all, and so relaxing. Can you imagine yourself just laying on the boat, with some ambience music and glass of port wine in your hand? Now, imagine all of this while watching the sunset unfolding beneath you in a stunning landscape.

We did the sunset cruise with Anima Durius and I cannot recommend them enough!


I hope this little guide of activities to do in Douro helped you and that when you visit the region you enjoy it as much as I did. Just let me know if you have any questions!



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