Being a local myself, I’ve seen Lisbon’s restaurant scene growing and thriving in the past few years. It looks like every month there’s a trendy new restaurant or brunch spot in town, and it’s really difficult to keep up with it!

The choice for brunch spots is endless. Every coffeeshop looks like it was created especially for Instagram, with the hipster decor and neon lights. And the food is no exception: meals are well crafted, tasty and good-looking.

I’ve visited dozens of brunch spots in Lisbon, but only my all time favorites will make it to this list. So, if you’re craving some avo toast or pancakes, keep reading!

Amélia Lisboa

brunch at amelia lisboa

Nicolau’s girlfriend“, this coffeeshop in Campo de Ourique is one of the most instagrammable restaurants I have ever been to. This is a trendy and welcoming space, with neon lights and many plants, and an extremely diverse and healthy menu.

The most difficult thing about going there is choosing what to eat – from açaí and smoothie bowls, to tapioca, pancakes, waffles, toasts, eggs made in every possible way, organic and vegan cakes – it makes you want to eat a little bit of everything.

I ended up opting for tapioca with scrambled eggs and avocado and a vegetable-based smoothie bowl, with granola, chia, red fruits and grated coconut on top. André had the avocado toast with poached eggs, the smoothie of the day and the açaí bowl.


Cotidiano is all over Instagram with their famous “pink Benedict” eggs. They’re regular Benedict eggs, but with a twist – the Hollandaise sauce is pink and it looks pretty!

Of course I had to order these eggs, and they did not only look pretty – they were also delicious. Because we were hungry, we also ordered the “Sugar Daddy” pancake (yes, their pancakes have really funny names). It had caramelized banana, berries and maple syrup – it was really tasty and sweet.

One bonus point for Cotidiano: their service is amazing. The waiters were one the nicest I met! Also, the space is really cute – yes, it has neon lights and plants all over.

Zenith – Brunch & Cocktails

brunch at zenith lisboa

You can actually find Zenith in both Lisbon and Porto. This space has gained a lot of popularity in the past couple of years, since it opened, and for a good reason!

The space itself is large, so you can rest assured that most of the times you’ll find a table to sit and have brunch. I would say it’s also a pretty good place to work while sipping on a latte!

Menu wise, you can find a bit of everything: from toasts, to eggs, pancakes and smoothie bowls. I would say your best bet really is the pancakes – they are one of the best pancakes I’ve had! On another day I also had the fried poached eggs on toast and believe me, they really are something.

Heim Café

brunch at heim cafe

Another brunch space that makes your stomach happy! Heim Café is in Santos and it’s a small, cozy space with beautiful minimalist decor.

However, the real highlight of this spot is the food, and the way it is served. Besides being delicious, it has a reasonable price – you can choose between 4 brunch menus, which cost between 14 and 16 € and come really well served (more than I can eat).

I had a smoked salmon and cream cheese toast with scrambled eggs, caramel waffle and berries, fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice. I don’t think I need to say anything else!

Chérie Paloma

brunch at chérie paloma

Chérie Paloma is my favorite place for Mexican brunch in Lisbon! If you’re a spicy food lover, then you need to visit this place. The restaurant is cozy, and of course it has a Mexican vibe.

Their menu has more conventional brunch food, but if you’re coming here then you should really try the Mexican eggs. I had the huevos rancheros and they were simply amazing!

I believe Chérie Paloma is the perfect place to have a different, out of the box, brunch. You won’t regret going there!

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